My first photoblog post, and I still really have no idea what I'm doing. I probably shouldn't admit that, though...

These were very fun to take :) while Flanagan and myself were walking around and trying to find a good spot we ran across this guy who owned the coolest looking barn I've ever seen and invited us to take pictures with the horses.

We used a couple good props except this Japanese fan she had...which maybe I should be glad we didn't use. Oh, asian jokes (sorry, Flan).

As far as prices are concerned I'm still really just a kid with a camera that needs people to model for me, so I want to keep it pretty cheap. So for awhile they might fluctuate and I'm really sorry for that. However, I'm thinking this:
$20 for 10 pictures
$10 dollars for all the pictures on a CD
$5 for additional editing, like if you liked a certain picture on the CD that I skipped just send it on back and I'll work on it for you :)

And please please please give credit (if you like, that is, which I really hope you do), that's what helps out the most.