Hi everyone!

So I've decided to make a sister blog, focusing more on words over photos. I hope you'll be apart of it!!!





I didn't THINK I would have more time to cook anything recently, but I do. I just have to make the time, and that's completely doable now that I just finished my (le sigh) last class of the semester. I know it's weird to admit, but I'm excited to classes to start up in the summer. Not only because they'll be in Italy, but I genuinely love school, and studying. It's hard to break away from.

Living with a person as healthy as Mowski helps as I set out into this world of healthy food and exercise. She bikes everywhere, lives off of soup and fruits and veggies, and wakes up early to go to weekend farmer's markets-the epitome of the San Marcos/Austin stereotype (that's her on the right, and I'm not kidding when I say she's not posing-she actually looks like that. If I were to do the same action, it would be inevitable for my fingertips to get caught in my nest-like hair).

Today I made what I must consider a mighty fine baked potato. And yes, I know to the rest of the world, much more knowledgeable in the realm of baked potatoes than myself, to be proud of this is a little much. However, working things out in the kitchen is relatively new for me and I was quite pleased with the result. All that was needed was some butter and salt (typically I would jam pack sour cream, bacon bits, butter-pretty much everything you can think of-until there wasn't any actual potato left). That and I have never experienced a baked potato cooked without the aluminum foil-complete difference! Preferred sans-aluminum foil, and not just because I don't happen to own any.

On the side, some steamed veggies.



Heather Anastasiu: Author of Glitch

So this was a set that I was really excited for, and as I mentioned before a check off my things-I-want-to-take-photos-for-before-I-die list: an author photo! Thanks to miss Brittany Mc. for recommending me (always a day maker) for allowing such to take place.

Heather's book, Glitch (due to release in July if I'm not mistaken), is one I'm definitely going to buy. And I will admit, I even though to myself if I was a glitcher what would I be (ha, I would in some way want to be able to be a human camera-take a photo by winking of something. I know I'm antsy over a book when I start applying personality based questions upon it into my everyday life). This was also one of the (and I can't find another word) easiest photo sets I've ever done. She knew exactly how to pose and so naturally as soon as the camera was ready-it was wonderful.

And I know what you're thinking-how can you put so many fantastic colors in black and white? Answer: I was far too curious, and I loved it.

There are more on the CD, and I hope Heather enjoys these and is happy to see them on the book jacket (which you should definitely buy by the way).



And now I'm hungry.

One very stressful semester is coming to a close, and I couldn't be more excited. I'm leaving for Italy in a month (accompanied with my entire camera family and loads of film. I think it would be worth it to go a little hungry for the sake of a new lens), which couldn't have come at a more perfect time. With school, work, trying to maintain a fraction of a social life and trying to get some photos in--I'm pretty tired. Ha. Me and every other working college student.

However, things in the photo world have been going well and I couldn't be more grateful. Yesterday I was able to check off one major photo related dream of taking an author photo! Along with a wedding in July and some beautiful high school seniors. There'll be more to come of that soon. Film hasn't been frustrating me so much, however I need to find a trustworthy developer (I'm afraid I'm just always missing photos when I develop from Walgreens, regardless of ideal light/camera settings. There's no way I should always be missing at least three pictures each time, am I right?) Oh, I'm learning.

So yes, I am rearranging. A new apartment, a little culture shock, and a lot of photos. Things are looking up!

I am also playing around with new ways of posting photos onto this blog. Fortunately for me, the extremely talented Victorio relayed to me a certain blurriness in the photos I've posted. Because of this, I've decided to just make a separate flickr account just for blog photos (Is this important? No. Not really. I just feel like talking). Just another way of trying to organize things out in my life. Now if only I could find a way to not lose my car keys every five minutes.



These are just a couple of the first set of maternity photos I've ever taken the other day. I basically tagged along behind my mother, who I miss sitting in the same living room editing photos with. However with both of us sprawled across Texas it was nice to reconvene and take photos together.

Emily was absolutely beautiful, and the weather outside was essentially perfect. Not a bad combination. We took one set of photos at Gumbo's restaurant, which Emily's mother owns (and the food is really good by the way) and the other in the baby-to-be's nursery. It was really fun! This was my first set of photos to take in awhile (with school and work the opportunity doesn't arise too often. Ha) and very easygoing and relaxing. That and my sister and I swooned over the shoes.



Sara and Thom: The Engagement!

I've been pretty fortunate to be able to document on multiple occasions the wonderous relationship that is Thom and Sara since I moved to San Marcos, so when asked to take their engagement photos I immediately said yes. They're one of those all-around beautiful couples to take notes from, who love Jesus and each other whole heartedly (which looks fantastic on camera if I may say) and want to share what they know and love (varying from other cultures and traveling, music, theology, dancing, etc. etc. etc.) with other people as well. Thom is currently teaching and Sara's in medical school, and still had energy leftover for piggy back rides and dancing when it's ridiculously hot outside. And that is a feat (and expect more photos of them from their wedding in July to come :]).



More film photos! I'm really trying to get the hang of it-but as soon as I feel like I'm getting somewhere it slips out of my fingers. Oh, learning. More to come :)

When I went home for a visit I was lucky enough to go to one of my favorite places in the world, the MFAH, with one of my favorite people in the world, Kevin. Museums for me are the equivalent of Sunshine for my mother-the cure to absolutely anything. David's "The Oath of Horatii" and Fuseli's "The Nightmare" just happened to be there, and my response was something akin to a middle schooler at a Justin Bieber concert (or my middle school self at a Harry Potter release).