Heather Anastasiu: Author of Glitch

So this was a set that I was really excited for, and as I mentioned before a check off my things-I-want-to-take-photos-for-before-I-die list: an author photo! Thanks to miss Brittany Mc. for recommending me (always a day maker) for allowing such to take place.

Heather's book, Glitch (due to release in July if I'm not mistaken), is one I'm definitely going to buy. And I will admit, I even though to myself if I was a glitcher what would I be (ha, I would in some way want to be able to be a human camera-take a photo by winking of something. I know I'm antsy over a book when I start applying personality based questions upon it into my everyday life). This was also one of the (and I can't find another word) easiest photo sets I've ever done. She knew exactly how to pose and so naturally as soon as the camera was ready-it was wonderful.

And I know what you're thinking-how can you put so many fantastic colors in black and white? Answer: I was far too curious, and I loved it.

There are more on the CD, and I hope Heather enjoys these and is happy to see them on the book jacket (which you should definitely buy by the way).