I didn't THINK I would have more time to cook anything recently, but I do. I just have to make the time, and that's completely doable now that I just finished my (le sigh) last class of the semester. I know it's weird to admit, but I'm excited to classes to start up in the summer. Not only because they'll be in Italy, but I genuinely love school, and studying. It's hard to break away from.

Living with a person as healthy as Mowski helps as I set out into this world of healthy food and exercise. She bikes everywhere, lives off of soup and fruits and veggies, and wakes up early to go to weekend farmer's markets-the epitome of the San Marcos/Austin stereotype (that's her on the right, and I'm not kidding when I say she's not posing-she actually looks like that. If I were to do the same action, it would be inevitable for my fingertips to get caught in my nest-like hair).

Today I made what I must consider a mighty fine baked potato. And yes, I know to the rest of the world, much more knowledgeable in the realm of baked potatoes than myself, to be proud of this is a little much. However, working things out in the kitchen is relatively new for me and I was quite pleased with the result. All that was needed was some butter and salt (typically I would jam pack sour cream, bacon bits, butter-pretty much everything you can think of-until there wasn't any actual potato left). That and I have never experienced a baked potato cooked without the aluminum foil-complete difference! Preferred sans-aluminum foil, and not just because I don't happen to own any.

On the side, some steamed veggies.