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FAIR WARNING: This post is rather negative. I swear I'm not a total downer for the most part-I merely need to vent a little so I can clear my head.

This film was way too grainy for my taste, and I was so silly I took barely any digital photos when I was in Colorado. Blah! Oh well, this old book store made me so happy, as well as the amazing mountains. I snowboarded too! All in all, the trip was so beautiful and breath taking, it was wonderful to just get away and see something new.
My trip home, however, was basically hell, in a nutshell. This wasn't anyone's fault whatsoever, but it was frustrating nonetheless. Give it a couple weeks and I'll be laughing it off, but at the moment I'm still sleep deprived. There was too much fog to land in Houston (midnight-ish) so we landed in Austin (near my beloved San Marcos). This leads to there being no more flights till morning, so my sister's dance team (fifty or so girls), plus parents, plus directors, plus myself had to be shuffled to a hotel (three-four a.m). Upon my final descent into the hotel bed, shutting my eyes, the fire alarm goes off. No fire, just a defected fire alarm. Why must you be defected at five in the morning of all times?! Ask anyone from that trip, and I'm sure you'll hear the agrees of how crazy such a trip was.

And stupidly enough all I could think about were the essays and theatre critiques I had to write. I'm still thinking about them (my brain is absolutely plagued) and I can't get over how I'm going to be able to fit everything in. I wish I could just go with the flow when it comes to school, but I can't. Literally, I am simply unable to just say "It'll be okay, my grades will be fine!" I can barely do that when I don't have the blaring of a fire alarm echoing in my brain.

Anywho, the lovely Sara picked me up the next morning at the hotel, and everyone (including my family, whom I was extremely excited to spend some time with) flew back to Houston on a 7a.m(ish).

It wasn't my night that sent me off the deep end, though. It was a roll of film that I took on the top of this beautiful mountain on the way to Denver from Breckenridge that I've been so antsy to develop. And now I just can't find it. It's disappeared! Could it have fallen out of my camera bag? Slipped out of my pocket? Fell off the bus in Colorado and chucked itself off some mountain? I don't have any idea, but all I know is that it was that little roll of film that sent me overboard.

Oy, but tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow will be a new day. Although I think it'll take a couple of tomorrows to get everything in order, a talk with my mom made me figure that I need to snap out of it and get my head in the game.


thevictorio March 15, 2010 at 10:29 PM  

Losing film is awful. So is getting a film that took you a whole semester's worth of events to complete turn out to be a faulty roll and come out completely blank.

Meg March 16, 2010 at 9:15 PM  

I KNOW! I have to admit, it's stomach wrenching.

Oy, that's definitely painful as well :/ That or opening the back of the camera and exposing a roll of film on accident, that one has surely happened to me.